Our Story

“The Stoop” started as a neighborhood hangout back in 1994. True to its name and thanks to its speak-easy, second floor feel it quickly became the place to meet up with family, friends, and neighbors. It was the place to spark conversations, take your first date, and feel like you had escaped to another time and place, even though you were right in the heart of your hometown, Syracuse, New York. It traveled through the years and in 2006, took a hiatus. Now “The Stoop” returns, as an expanded version of itself as The Stoop Kitchen. The second floor Stoop Bar has held steadfast to nostalgia and a focus on Tequila, Mezcal and recognition of other exotic spirits. The second floor performance kitchen has gained an appreciation for some of the finer things- a focus on peak freshness, locally sourced,seasonal menus, while the first floor Bar at the Stoop Kitchen has a wonderful world-sourced affordable wine list, and a promise to provide the finest in chef-mixology spirit drinks. Added to all this, is now a world-class in-house bakery and coffee bar.As we say, “it’s like The Stoop took a semester abroad and grew up a little.” That it did. It’s still a hip and homey place to come hangout- whether it be in the morning for your coffee-sipping, baguette buying pleasure in our Stoop Bakery Café, your post workday craft cocktails at either of our two bars, your dinner dates, or your board meetings…we are back, and you are most welcome to join us in our desire to give to our community.

The Stoop Kitchen Team