Give It Back Initiative

As a community member, and flowing from its core values The Stoop Kitchen (TSK) has established The Stoop Kitchen Give-It-Back Initiative©:

  1. Each year, TSK will curate a list of six (6) local, socially engaged not-for-profit entities, each of which will receive, as a donation, a portion of the TSK net profits from a 2-month period of operations.
  1. On certain Mondays and Tuesdays during the year, TSK, free of charge, will be available for varied activities relating to an awareness of conscientious food and its sourcing, eating and nutrition, agricultural relationships and more,
  1. TSK premises will be available, by application to TSK (see link to form), and as proactively sought by TSK, for veterans and other socially oriented not-for-profit group meetings, training, community development and engagement activities.